EIA’s multidisciplinary membership will collect, generate and disseminate information concerning environmental and occupational health hazards in the built environment to property owners and operators, interested professionals, and the public.


EIA members are companies, organizations, and persons involved in the remediation of environmental hazards from buildings and facilities. Our members include the entire vertical spectrum of persons involved in the environmental remediation industry, including contractors, consultants, laboratories, training providers, regulators, equipment suppliers, owners, and managers.


Back in the ’80s, and yes I did say the '80s, in the infancy of the new world culture of safety and compliance there was one place to turn to for quality information of the highest standard for the asbestos abatement industry. It was like the beginning of time for this vocation. If you said the NAC you would be correct. I walked into my first conference overawed with the professionals that made this new industry their meaning for life. It was a relief to finally confirm all of the answers to my questions that had the highest quality of peer review. Early on the name changed to the Environmental Information Association and carries with it a code of ethics that is unmatched in the industry. The good news is, all the bright minds of the Industry, on a national level, are still there eager to help, advise and confer. Through the direction of a strong Board of Directors and the Executive Management, this organization finds itself in front of Congress, National EPA, the AGC of America, and others to ask for our advice that will help draft legislation, laws, and guidance.

I implore you to join as a member, attend our conferences, participate in our open forums, and the best of the best presenters in the country. You will see firsthand what a difference it will make in your business and help you take it to the next level of excellence. The best part of all…we have a great time and you will be welcomed with open arms to be part of our family. I hope to see you in Seattle in September.

Kevin Cannan, President, AAC Contracting
EIA Member since 1985, past NAC trainer, past EIA Board Member, Past President, Emeritus Board Member