EIA Webinar: Conducting Mercury Screening and Abatement at a Large Research University

July 28, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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EIA WEBINAR: conducting mercury screen and abatement at a large research university

Tuesday, July 28, 11am
by Dave Klaustermeier, Hazardous Materials Project Manager
University of Minnesota Facilities Management

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This presentation will walk people through some of the challenges that renovations face in areas that have historical use of elemental mercury and are contaminated with mercury.  We will discuss some of the difficulties with removing building components/devices that contain liquid mercury.  Examples will be given from a variety of buildings such as research laboratories, dental clinics and industrial coal fired power plants.  

Learn how to proactively conduct effective aggressive mercury vapor screening in order to find hidden mercury and limit the unintentional spreading of mercury during renovations, and learn about the limitations of mercury vapor screening.

Mercury contaminated waste is very expensive to dispose therefore the key is to screen.  Learn how to segregate and test waste as it is generated in order to limit the quantity of mercury contaminated waste. 

Learn about the challenges with existing mercury regulations and the confusion it can cause for clearance criteria, worker exposure and waste characterization on cleanup projects.

In addition to discussing mercury abatement in laboratories the presenters will discuss some of the more unique scientific apparatus and building components they have encountered which contained mercury and how those apparatus and components were safely removed.

The objective of the presentation is to provide stakeholders with screening techniques to detect the presence of mercury prior to renovations and to provide tips and techniques to conduct cost effective mercury cleanup/abatement projects and safe removal of unique devices that contain mercury.

David Klaustermeier

Dave Klaustermeier is a Hazardous Materials Project Manager for Facilities Management at the University of Minnesota.  He holds a BA from St. Olaf College, where he majored in Biology and Environmental Studies.   He worked for Nova Consulting Group before coming to the University of Minnesota.   The majority of his environmental remediation education came from over 25 years of experience at the University of Minnesota in managing hazardous material abatement projects.

Dave has spent most of his environmental career in the asbestos and lead field.  Over the last 14 years he has helped developed mercury screening and cleanup operating procedures for the University of Minnesota Facilities Management Department.   On large and small renovations, at the University of Minnesota, he has managed numerous mercury cleanup projects and has provided guidance to abatement workers on appropriate personal protective equipment, required cleanup equipment and waste segregation techniques.   He also works closely with the University’s Health and Safety group to properly segregate mercury contaminated waste and subsequently characterize it for disposal.    Dave also spent over 5 years providing OSHA required asbestos and lead training to University of Minnesota staff and trades workers.

Dave’s most challenging mercury abatement project, that he managed, was the renovation of the University of Minnesota’s 100 year old coal fired power plant.  Seven coal fired boilers were removed, some of which dated back to the 1930’s.  The boilers contained most of the original metering and control equipment which were laden with elemental mercury.  Dave and the U of MN abatement team developed approaches and safe work practices to drain over 500 pounds of mercury from the various devices and metering equipment throughout the plant.  

In additional to numerous liquid mercury abatement projects, Dave has also managed the removal of mercury-catalyzed polyurethane floorings at the University of Minnesota.

Dave’s Professional trainings and certifications include:  MN Asbestos Site Supervisor, MN Asbestos Inspector, MN Asbestos Management Planner, MN Asbestos Project Designer,     NIOSH 582, MN Lead Risk Assessor, MN Lead Supervisor, Certified Lead Renovator and HAZWOPER 40-Hour Certification.

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