EIA Women's Committee - Join Us in 2021!


Sarah Jamieson                      Catherine Mills

As with many STEM fields, the EHS industry has historically been male dominated. But times are changing!

Each of us have been in this industry for over 15 years. From early in our careers we sought out ways to connect with like-minded female colleagues for support and encouragement. At the beginning, the network of women in EHS was very small. We each wondered: Why weren’t more women involved? How can we encourage more women to pursue spots at what has traditionally been the “old boys table”?

In one form or another throughout these 15 years, we’ve found ways to support each other.  That support came in many forms: developing our personal leadership skills, discussing issues & ideas, supporting each other’s career development, helping each other build a professional support network, and so on.

Since we’re both passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we submitted a proposal to EIA’s 2018 annual conference & exhibition to present on Women in the Workplace.  We were overwhelmed by the attendance and the interest that would follow!  It was at that conference that we decided to start the Women’s Committee for like-minded individuals (both male or female) to support one another and work on making changes in our industry.  The committee is aligned with one of EIA’s main purposes, which is to facilitate a mentoring network for environmental health & science professionals, but with a focus on diversity and inclusion issues.

Our committee is a work in progress, evolving and growing as we welcome new members. Our main goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Advocating for Women’s Leadership.
  • Increasing & supporting the active participation of women in EIA and the EHS industry.
  • Promoting women’s economic & social justice issues, equality and labor solidarity.
  • Developing & supporting mentoring within our organization.
  • Advocating for measurable, sustainable & positive change in the status of women within EIA.
  • Collaborating with other EIA committees to ensure that the mandate of the Women’s Committee is reflected in all areas of the EIA.
  • Liaising with other organizations and groups to increase EIA’s engagement in the broader movement to further the status of professional women.
  • Training women for leadership roles by providing opportunities to gain experience.
  • Creating opportunities for networking & philanthropy.

We’re proud of the positive feedback & generous support we have already received and are excited to see what the new year will bring. 

EIA Women’s Committee Goals for 2021

  • Develop terms of reference.
  • Meet during the March EIA conference to review & approve the terms of reference.
  • Present during EIA Conference.
  • Increase awareness & participation in the committee.
  • Create a Women’s Committee page on the EIA Website.
  • Formalize scholarship grant

Please reach out to the EIA staff if you’re interested to join the Women’s Committee.

See you at the conference!

Sarah Jamieson (EMSL) & Catherine Mills (Pinchin Ltd.)
Co-Chairs, EIA Women’s Committee

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