Managing Asbestos in Buildings - The Revised Version of EPA's 1985 'Purple Book'

Available in Printed Copy and PDF version -The Revised Version of the EPA’s 1985 on asbestos management called “The Purple Book”

EPA's 1985 on asbestos management called "The Purple Book" has been revised and is now available through The Environmental Information Association at

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We are pleased to announce the availability of the most up-to-date document on asbestos management in our industry from the EIA: Managing Asbestos in Buildings: A Guide for Owners and Managers A Revision to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 1985 document “Guidance for Controlling Asbestos-Containing Materials in Buildings” (EPA 560/5-85-024) Known as the Purple Book

Many may remember EPA’s document that we called the Purple Book (PB) that was published in 1985. This document served to define asbestos management issues at the time it was published. Since its publication, EPA and OSHA’s principal asbestos regulations have changed dramatically and effectively rendered the PB essentially a historical reference. The EPA contacted the EIA in 2009 regarding the need to update this document. In the long of it, we volunteered to revise the document on their behalf. After our initial volunteer efforts to provide finished copy to the EPA, it was determined that because of their budget and staff cuts that they would not be able to publish this information. So, the EIA decided to put this new information into the document we now make available to the industry and the public. What it is: this is not merely a revised document, it’s a complete revision to that of the original PB. All chapters have been completely re-written to include current US federal regulations and industry practices. It was specifically designed to accommodate the informational needs of those that own and/or manage buildings that do or may contain asbestos. This document was conceived, written and peer-reviewed by some of the most experienced asbestos control specialists within the industry. This was all performed via their gift of volunteered time and effort with no outside funding. The document is available as PDF download and printed copy. The PDF version is loaded with hyperlinks to many information sources or as a hard copy.

What it is not: this document was not written specifically for asbestos control specialists. It was designed to give basic guidance on a variety of topics to those without years of specialized training and experience as with most of our building owner/managers. This is not an EPA document; they did not fund, write, review nor do we imply their endorsement the final product. As such, it is not a free public document. There is significant copyright protection and modest fees to purchase it. This document does not cover the myriad of State/Local regulation issues; it would be far too cumbersome to do so and they are far too apt to change. We do provide links to EPA web pages to find State/Local program contacts.

How can I get it?
This document can be purchased through the EIA web page. It is purchasable as a PDF download or printed copy. When you buy the PDF document through the web page, you will receive a code that will register with your computer to allow the download. This code is not transferrable nor is the document once downloaded. The electronic download version has access to the many hyperlinks in the document. Printed copies are also available through the EIA website. If you are a training provider or other consumer that may want to purchase multiple copies, we do offer a price break on the web page. For questions or additional information, please contact the EIA national office at 888-343-4342 or e-mail at [email protected]

Feedback: those that have seen this document have provided very positive feedback. Many of our members buy numerous copies to make them available to their customers. We think you will like it too…we are sure your customers will find utility with it as well.

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