EIA Chapter and Affiliate Forum

The Environmental Information Association thanks everyone who was able to attend the affiliates and chapter meeting at the EIA 2016 Conference in Las Vegas. The meeting was very fruitful and for those who were NOT in attendance, we hope that you will consider joining in the conversation on the EIA website here, to discuss initiatives, projects and issues facing each organization, to offer solutions and an exchange of ideas.

I am posting the agenda for everyone to review and to widen the conversation beyond the Round Table in Las Vegas. We invite you to comment on these topics, as well as with your additional thoughts and topics for discussion.

I have sent each of you the initial EIA 2017 Call for Presentations application, as well as the registration forms for the EIA 2016 Fall Technical Seminar and the EIA 2017 Conference, at the Rosen Shingle Creek. Please note that registrations for EIA speakers is waived, and we encourage you to submit your topics early. 

Our goal is to help further the growth of EIA and its partner organization and have EIA National help support your local endeavors and concerns.

Thank you for your participation!

Discussion Topics

a.  Operating Virtually
b.  Certification and Accreditation, the differences and requirements of each

2) Arizona EIA Chapter
a.  How to get restoration contractors in seats at seminars/conferences so they can learn what is required of them?  What are other chapters doing?
b.  We do asbestos outreach seminars across the state. What other chapters are doing for learning opportunities?  Are they charging for seminars?  How much?
c.  Ideas for advertising our Regional Seminar to people not already in the EIA

a.  Educating membership and others of their obligations in regards to
     1. The need for Asbestos surveys
     2. The need to test for PCBs
b. Working with the NYSDOL on a revision of the NYS asbestos regs (ICR 56
c. Working with NYSDOL and NYS Legislature on a reduction in notification fees for certain projects

4) Texas EIA Chapter
a. Rejuvenating a Chapter That Has Gone Dead!
b. How do Develop Deeper relationship with state regulators?

5)  EACO
a.  WELL Building Standard
b.  Membership Attraction
c.  Contractor Recognition

6)  ECA
a.  Training Program

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